• We create your trail

    We create your trail

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  • A trail made for you

    A trail made for you

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  • A trail according to your preferences

    A trail according to your preferences

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  • A trail according to each one's preferences

    A trail according to each one's preferences

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  • Choose it… We do it!

    Choose it… We do it!

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  • Whatever you choose, we create!

    Whatever you choose, we create!

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  • Passa montanhas

    Passa montanhas

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About Us

Passa Montanhas is a company focused on trekking and nature activities that was created as a result of a passion of joining paths, climbing mountains, crossing valleys, overcome physical and mental endeavours just to savour that single moment that belongs to us only. We are introducing ourselves due to our motivation to share these moments and, for that, we have selected the best trails and the best experiences that nature has to offer. The trails are restricted to a few people so that each trail is unique, adapted and according to your preferences. Here are some suggestions of our trails but it doesn't end there because we work daily to create new memories for you. We respond to your needs. We respond to you!


Tour Óbidos - Alcobaça - Fátima

O Tour das Emoções é uma viagem que passa por Óbidos, a Vila das Rainhas, cuja história está profundamente ligada à história de Portugal. Em Alcobaça, a mais bonita história de um amor proibido está...

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Rota das Ondas em 4x4

Tour dos melhores spots de surf do Mundo! Ligando as mais famosas praias para a prática da modalidade, palcos de campeonatos mundiais, percorremos toda a costa oeste junto às suas arribas, passando...

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we make

the difference

Duas de mão

Creative Handicrafts

Sónia Maria Matos

This is a love story. From the love I always had for the arts and crafts but that has been in the background for years, having reborn only now. From the love of those who believed in me and my work, making me believe it too. And the love with which I design each piece when I hold it in my hands, when I let it flow and grow, making it unique, unrepeatable! This is my story. This is Duas de Mão.

Sónia Maria Matos

Passa Montanhas

(+351) 936 126 910
(+351) 926 062 262

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Registada pelo Turismo de Portugal – RNAAT nº 62/2019 e RNAVT nº 8638
Reconhecida como Turismo de Natureza pelo ICNF.
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